24 June 2015

Shaded Nine Patch Sections Done

This is my second oldest UFO (afer Moonglow). It's been sitting there ready for construction driving my nuts, especially the HST that needed to be sewn together. Part of the problem was that I didn't like some of the yellow fabrics I had used. I felt they weren't strong enough. It's really hard to get truly yellow tone on tone fabrics. I managed to pick up a few at the Sydney Craft Show last week and made some more nine patch blocks. The pattern is from Lisa Walton at Dyed and Gone to Heaven.

This is the main part of the quilt laid out so I could see how the sections worked together.

This is the centre panel of green and blue. Sorry for the crappy colour, it was taken at night on my phone!!

One of four blue corner sections.

Here is one of four yellow sections.

I need to make up a heap of green nine patches for the border. And sew these sections together. But it is a least at a stage I can live with for a while, but I really would like this finished in the next couple of weeks. I think this is doable as nine patches are so simple they are something I can work on after work!!

22 June 2015

Urban Bushland Top Finished

This quilt only sort of fits into my "Finish the UFO's" mantra of the moment. I hadn't started it, but the fabrics were sitting around in a couple of crappy shopping bags bugging the hell out of me. And my plan for them didn't require much planning, just lots of cutting up and sewing.

So that's what I did. This project is made up of old, worn-out linen pants and skirts. My plan was simple. Cut them up into uneven strips, sew them together, trim to a block, and make a top.

Above are the strips cut out. All are very Australian bush colours, browns and khaki greens with some creams. Very gum tree!!

Then I just grabbed strips and sewed them together. Only system of thin end to thick end. After I finished, I sort of wished I'd used a 1/2" seam as some of the fabric is quite open weave. But I wasn't going to resew everything.

Then the blocks were ironed ready for trimming. I'd cut the strips to just over 13" (roughly), ready to trim to 12 1/2".

This is the trimmed block.

This is the centre layout. The plan was to then put a solid border around. I had originally envisioned this border as being black, going for an arty theme for the quilt of the Australian bush after a bush fire, so the centre would be the trees surrounded by the black of burnt out bush. However, there was a lovely chocolate brown linen that just worked so well with the centre colours. While it didn't fit the theme it was a colour combination I could live with better on a day to day basis. Still bushland, just pre-bushfire!

So the finished top is below. I didn't plan any measurements, just made it up as I went. The centre panel is 48" by 60". Then I just bought linen and cut it vertically down the long length. That actually worked out much bigger than expected, so the final quilt is like 96" by 108" ish. 

I happen to have a large piece of red linen which I got super cheap from Spotlight a few years ago which I will use for the back. And I have batting. So this one really was about using what was on hand, the only purchase being the border fabric. Which actually worked out the same price for linen as for quilting fabric!!! Since this is so huge I will get it long armed if I can. Not sure about binding colour? Any suggestions?

20 June 2015

Rainbow Leaders and Enders Prep

I've spent a fair bit of time getting some leader and ender groups ready. I've done a heap of cream and blue ones, for when I'm sewing 1800's repro quilts and now I've done some for when I'm sewing white quilts. 
I got these at the Sydney Quilt Show last year. Fat 1/8's. I love the way they look together. I had planned on a rainbow quilt, but I think I'll use them for something more random.

These are some more I pulled from my stash. Slightly stronger colours. But I think the variation will help give it depth.

The cut up bits after they were run through the Sizzix machine.

15 June 2015

Custom Quilting Labels

I've wanted to get some quilt labels made to use on my quilts, and Spoonflower seemed like a great way to do it. These labels are four to a FQ, at $9. That's pretty good value.

I cut these into four and fold in half. They are designed to go into a corner of the quilt. For this one, I put some of the binding across the top. Next time, I'll make it the same width as the binding, as it looked a bit odd being bigger. The "ribbon" at the top of the label is to write the name of the quilt. And the date goes between the askerisks at the bottom.

I then sew the label on at the same time as the binding. This way the label is sewn into the body of the quilt and not just onto the backing. Then just sew down the top edge to the back of the quilt. You could use the pocket it makes to put some scraps from the quilt there for future repairs.

To get the label off, you'd have to cut it out or undo the binding.

11 June 2015

Limp Binding - The Prince

This is a non-quilting post. I made this book for a friend. Used limp binding technique. The cover is heavy weight watercolour board, binding strips are leather (can't find alum tawed leather in Australia). The text is done in word to look like a 16th C printing. Printed on photocopier using booklet printing! I love that setting.

Sewed the quires together. I don't have a binding jig.

Cut the cover to shape.

Folded the cover to shape. Corners held in place with linen thread tackets.

Slits cut into cover and sewing supports threaded through.

This shows where supports are threaded through the cover. Also demonstrates how this binding can lay perfectly flat.

The book closed with ties done up.

10 June 2015

Sunkissed Granny Square #2 Finished

This one has been finished for a while, but I've only just gotten around the getting photos.

7 June 2015

Citrus Pinwheel Complete

Well, I'm back. Carrying on the long tradition of shitty stuff happening near Christmas, I found out a few days before said holiday that I was being made redundant. So I was a bit thrown. I also hadn't been doing much quilting, as I was working on my book.

Anyway, I have just finished a quick project. It's called "Citrus Pinwheel". I wanted a quick finish, so I used a layer cake I won at my quilting guild to knock up this quilt. The fabric is "High Street" by Lily Ashbury for Moda Fabrics.

I had wanted to try getting a quilt professionally long armed, so this was the perfect opportunity as this quilt is a bit bigger than I've made before. They even had the pattern I wanted in their budget range. I am really happy with how it turned out. Especially the seven day turnaround!!

It's nice and bright and light. Very summery.

5 June 2015


I am planning on doing something different on an upcoming quilt. So I bought some sashiko supplies. There was a slight issue during check out (which was totally my fault). But when I got my package of stuff, there was a small present, a printed cloth. I worked up and am quite happy with it.

I think I might make it into a bag and give it as a gift. I took me about a day on and off to get it done. I had to take more breaks than normal as I've been having trouble with my hands if I do too much handwork.

20 November 2014

Sunkissed Granny Square #2 Quilting Done

I made this quilt from the "leftover" blocks from Sunkissed Granny Square #1. This one doesn't have much pink in it. Most grey, yellow, orange and greens.

This one was a bit of a disaster. When I basted it, it went wonky. I was going to send it to a long armer, but I decided I didn't want to spend money on something that will only be a utility quilt. So I decided to give it a go. But I wanted to do something different on the border. I figured something a bit less structured than cross hatch might hide the puckering in the basting. I also wanted something other than basic straight line. So I decided on cable. I know the corners are wrong, but I didn't have the brain space to work it out. So I went with what was there.

I did the middle section with the blocks in a basic cross hatch. Normally, I work from one side to the other for half, then turn and repeat. That way, you only ever have half the quilt under the throat of the machine. This time though, I did it all in one direction. I found that when I then did the opposite direction to make the cross hatch, it worked much better, no bunching up.

I did all the cable quilting using the walking foot. It worked out pretty well for a first try, I think!!

I am thinking of putting in a third line of quilting into the middle, to make it look more like traditional cable. 

18 November 2014

Embers and Ash (Orange and Grey Block Quilt) Finished

Another one bites the dust!! The Orange and Grey Block quilt is finished. It's been done for a few days but I couldn't get a decent photo.

I'm bad at coming up with names, so I asked for suggestions on one of my quilting lists. So far, I'm loving the suggestion of "Embers and Ash"!! (Thanks Kayt!!)

This quilt was inspired by "A New View" by Esch House Quilts found via Pinterest.
And a close up.

And the back.

Progress posts also available.