20 November 2014

Sunkissed Granny Square #2 Quilting Done

I made this quilt from the "leftover" blocks from Sunkissed Granny Square #1. This one doesn't have much pink in it. Most grey, yellow, orange and greens.

This one was a bit of a disaster. When I basted it, it went wonky. I was going to send it to a long armer, but I decided I didn't want to spend money on something that will only be a utility quilt. So I decided to give it a go. But I wanted to do something different on the border. I figured something a bit less structured than cross hatch might hide the puckering in the basting. I also wanted something other than basic straight line. So I decided on cable. I know the corners are wrong, but I didn't have the brain space to work it out. So I went with what was there.

I did the middle section with the blocks in a basic cross hatch. Normally, I work from one side to the other for half, then turn and repeat. That way, you only ever have half the quilt under the throat of the machine. This time though, I did it all in one direction. I found that when I then did the opposite direction to make the cross hatch, it worked much better, no bunching up.

I did all the cable quilting using the walking foot. It worked out pretty well for a first try, I think!!

I am thinking of putting in a third line of quilting into the middle, to make it look more like traditional cable. 

18 November 2014

Embers and Ash (Orange and Grey Block Quilt) Finished

Another one bites the dust!! The Orange and Grey Block quilt is finished. It's been done for a few days but I couldn't get a decent photo.

I'm bad at coming up with names, so I asked for suggestions on one of my quilting lists. So far, I'm loving the suggestion of "Embers and Ash"!! (Thanks Kayt!!)

This quilt was inspired by "A New View" by Esch House Quilts found via Pinterest.
And a close up.

And the back.

Progress posts also available.

13 November 2014

Grey and Orange Quilted

Managed to get this one quilted in one day. Straight line across the grey and straight line vertically for the orange. And fair warning here, I did something that will freak out the purists. I didn't bother sinking the threads where it stopped mid quilt, I just did back stitch!!!

 You can see where the grey and orange meet that I've done backstitch rather than cut the thread long and bury it into the quilt. I tried doing the lines as one continuous up, across and down but it looked awful. So I did something I rarely do, I unpicked and did it again. Doing it this way the quilting was all done middle to outside and looked alot better. I just couldn't face all that hand finishing. I've done it on another quilt I did the next day, which has now been washed and there was no ill effects, no fraying at all. So I will probably do it again.

11 November 2014

Sunkissed Granny Square #1 Finished

Here is the finished product!! I'm glad it's done but it confirmed my vow to never work with unwashed fabric again. I hated working with the unwashed fabric and I hate how wrinkled it is.
Got to the stage where I just wanted these two done, so basic cross-hatch quilting for this one. 

Someone (who might be named Miss Cleo) wanted some attention. I had hoped to bind it with the pink gingham from the Sunkissed range, but I couldn't find any anywhere. I had this pink on hand which was pretty much a perfect match for colour. 

More kitty help from Miss Hattie. But I was still able to get it done.

7 November 2014

Finished - Old Fashioned Charm

After 15 years, Old Fashioned Charm is now complete!!! And has been in a show!!! Everything gets exclamation marks!! Because IT IS FINLLY DONE and I still LOVE IT!! To see the various stages of productions view these posts.

3 November 2014

Sunkissed Granny Squares Tops Finished

I've finished the two Sunkissed Granny Square tops. The process was not without its bumps!!

Sunkissed Granny #1 (no one ever accused me of overly flowery language!!), was put together wrong. I aligned the strips incorrectly. You can see the big white triangle in the top right corner in the photo below. This was wrong! The result of trying to keep track of it all in my head, which was a mistake when making a rectangular rather than square, on point quilt!!

 Luckily it was a fairly easy fix. Just unpicked the two sections and sewed them back together correctly.

 This is a close up of the finished top.
 And here is the quilt getting basted in 33 degree heat!!! Outside!!
Sunkissed Granny Square #2 is below. The first one had blocks which all had some pink in it, this one is mostly yellows and oranges (which I didn't like as much!!) but there were enough blocks to make a nice quilt.
Now to just get them quilted.

30 October 2014

My Guilds 30th Anniversary Exhibition

Recently my Guild held its 30th Anniversary Exhibition. I put two quilts in, one pictured below. Click here to see all of the 150 odd quilts in the Exhibition. The link gives you the option to either watch the automatic slideshow or follow a link and view the images individually. There is some amazing work on display, check it out.

27 October 2014

14th Century Houppelande Sleeve

This was a project I worked on recently. It's a 14th Century houppelande sleeve for a friend who was being knighted at Spring War 2014. We modified the pattern (in consultation) slightly from what he originally wanted, to make it easier and quicker to embroider. It was done with a full strand of Maderia silk thread on a light wool fabric.
You can sort of see the weird angle of the embroidery. It actually goes into the top of the shoulder of the sleeve. I did take a photo of the sleeve completed to show the placement but it seems to have disappered.

Thank goodness we consulted with the tailor or we'd have put the embroidery in totally the wrong place. The we was another person who did the left sleeve.
And here is the completed outfit. I think it look awesome.

11 October 2014

Spring Cleaning

Well it's that time of year! You don't even relise you are doing it, but as Spring springs, the cleaning bug hits. So I've been ticking off lots to do:

  • Got the carpet in the sewing room cleaned. This required clearing it out completely (except for one surface). The plan is that nothing comes back in unless it really needs to be there. During the last clean up alot of stuff just got put into boxes. This time they will be sorted out before they can come back in.
  • Put the sewing machine in for a service (2-3 weeks - aahhhh!!)
  • Put the lawn mower in for a service
  • Handed two quilts in for the Guild exhibition this weekend.
  •  Sorted one box and one large bag of scraps. These are now all ironed, ready for processing tomorrow. They will all be cut down to useable sizes and put in the appropriate box.
  • Cut out more flowering snowball blocks. The ironed fabric had been sitting there as yet another pile of stuff to "be done".
  • Ironed the white fabric needed for the flowering snowball, will be cut out tomorrow.
Ironed scraps ready for processing.
  • Process scraps
  • clear off the side cupboard with various bits of crap on top.
  • resort the WIP boxes (a couple of projects are done so they can be reassigned).
So, getting a bit done. I'm using this machineless time to get a bit of sorting and organizing done. I also have a backup machine, which I will use to finish off some less important WIP's. I'm not starting anything new until I can knock some of those off. Although I am thinking of doing some cutting and prep work while I've got a nice clean workspace. That way the fussy stuff will be done and when I go back to work I can just sew and not pfaff about with the prep.

9 October 2014

Final Sunkissed Blocks

I've finished off the final blocks off my Sunkissed Granny Squares. I really enjoyed these blocks, they really work up so quickly. I ended up with alot of blocks. I have enough to make two quilts. The first one in progress can be seen at the bottom. I'm planning to put corner squares on between the sashing.